How are you, REALLY?

Personal Project

I love Houdini and I love illustration, specifically hand drawn animations.

This animation is about a feeling that has been occupying me recently during the continuing lockdowns.
The feeling of yourself, as the person you used to know dissolving in the uncertainty and unpredictability of these times.

The first lockdown in spring 2020 was ok, not splendid, but ok. One kept it together, adjusted and knew it would end eventually.
Over time more lockdowns and more quarantine came. More restrictions.
You adapted as best you could. Then more restrictions, more adaptations.
Until the habits and activities that kept you going through the week had almost totally dissolved.
Until a lot of what you thought defined yourself, of who you think you were, or what you enjoyed doing/being, dissolved.

Into not knowing. Not knowing what will be after that, when it will end, if it will go back to "normal".

Personally I feel it is greatly underestimated what these continuing measures will do to a lot of peoples minds and bodies in the long run.

So make sure to check in with your friends and families, ask how they are. How they REALLY are. Let them know you're there and that they are not alone.

We will get through this together. We can do this.

Roles: All
'Software: Houdini, Nuke & Hand Drawn Animation in Procreate